Earl Gallegos

Founder & CEO | Earl Gallegos Management

Mr. Gallegos founded Earl Gallegos Management LLC in July 1994 and serves as its Principal. He is Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at Majesco Limited, served as an Outside Director of Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions, Chief Executive Officer of PracticeOne, LLC, co-founded eGovNet , also serving as its Chief Operations Officer, and was a Founder of Peak Performance Solutions Inc., a privately held insurance technology firm.


Sarah Gersten, JD

Co-founder & CEO | Buddle Law

Sarah is a transactional attorney with a focus on cannabis law and policy. She is the CEO and co-founder of Buddle, a cannabis-focused legal tech company, and also co-founded a cannabis-centric law firm. Prior to Buddle, Sarah worked as an attorney at a congressional agency where she focused on legislative policy, regulations, and international trade policies. Before that, she was an associate at K&L Gates. Sarah received her J.D. from Harvard Law School, is a member of the National Cannabis Bar Association, and the NORML Legal Committee.


Marion Mariathasan

Co-founder & CEO | Simplifya

Marion is the CEO and co-founder of Simplifya, the cannabis industry’s leading regulatory and operational compliance company, and also serves as the chairman of Ceylon Solutions, a cannabis-focused software development company. He has over 18 years of software and business experience with Fortune 1000 companies and startups. He is an entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and speaker in cannabis and other industries and is highly involved in social entrepreneurship and charitable causes.


Roy Bingham

Co-founder & CEO | BDS Analytics

Roy Bingham is a Harvard MBA and former McKinsey consultant, a serial entrepreneur and the founder of BDS Analytics. Bingham started BDS Analytics after recognizing that the emerging cannabis industry lacked the kind of sophisticated, sales-based data that is both commonplace and indeed essential in other, more established industries. Among his prior businesses, Bingham was an early investor in SPINS – a very successful data analytics company for the natural products industry.